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Our mission at Engineer Essentials is to equip engineers and all who work with engineering drawings with the skills to communicate effectively and work more efficiently. To do this, we bring you GD&T Basics, our training program that is centered on print reading and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.

At Engineer Essentials, all of our instructors are senior level GD&T Certified and have years of real-world manufacturing experience. We’ve trained thousands of engineers, machinists, quality techs and industrial professionals at hundreds of well-known companies to work with GD&T—saving our clients countless hours and millions of dollars by preventing costly deviations and disputes.

What We Do

Our GD&T Basics program allows you to take classes when and where it works for you. We offer GD&T Fundamentals, Advanced GD&T, and Print Reading and Tolerances courses for individuals and teams, as well as academic settings. We also offer a variety of training methods to suit every learning preference, including online courses, live team training (on-site or virtual), and public seminars. In addition, we offer customized consulting tailored to solve specific engineering issues at your company.

Which GD&T Training option is right for my team?

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Who We Help

We believe GD&T training can benefit anyone who works with engineering drawings. Having an in-depth understanding of GD&T simplifies tolerances, reduces error and scrap, and improves communication between design, manufacturing, supply chain, and inspection.

We also realize that every industry faces unique challenges. Our GD&T Basics program has helped thousands of companies across numerous industries learn to use GD&T to help with the challenges they face. Click the button below to learn how GD&T training can help in your specific industry.

Don’t know where to start?

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Want to learn more?

Our goal at Engineer Essentials is to provide you with the resources you need to help you understand and apply GD&T. With this in mind, we have created several free resources to help you get started.


Our Free GD&T Training Blog contains a wealth of information regarding GD&T. Here you will find useful tips and clear explanations pertaining to GD&T print reading, design and inspection, the ASME and ISO GD&T standards, and even career advice.


Looking to learn more about the GD&T symbols? Check out our GD&T Symbols Guide! In this guide, we include information about the meaning of each GD&T symbol and give examples of how and when to use them. This is one of our most popular resources!


Have the information that you need, right at your fingertips. We have created several free wall charts, covering topics ranging from how to use GD&T symbols to comparing the ISO and ASME GD&T standards. Download all of our free GD&T wall charts, below.


We want to be your best source of GD&T information online. View our high-value videos covering GD&T topics for free on our YouTube channel.

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